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“A small, good thing” in the wake of violence

Dear IPRC Members and Friends, It’s with no small amount of reservation that I compose this post. I’m a writer and the director of an arts nonprofit–so what authority do I have to comment on the recent shootings in Clackamas and Connecticut? In truth, I have as little grasp on these issues as anyone else. […]


Finding Herself Here: An Interview with Lindsey Kugler

Lindsey Kugler was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves gel manicures, doodling, and does not own a bicycle. Here is a memoir of intimate vignettes and pictures about a year of professional and personal service. Lindsey wrote and produced Here as a student in the IPRC’s Certificate […]


Photos from IPRC’s Grand Opening Bash

  Huge thanks to the 300+ revelers who christened the Center’s amazing new digs: The Rabbit Foot String Band warms it up, old-timey style.   KGW was on hand to cover the event in a live broadcast, although they seemed a little perplexed by all the “zines.”  Fortunately, Program Coordinator A.M. O’Malley knows how to […]

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