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Book Arts: Experiments

Learn how to hand bind all of your book projects yourself. You will learn traditional methods of bookbinding, including the multi section all-along stitch, Japanese stab stitch, and saddle stitch. You will learn how to make different types of hard and soft covers as well. Cost: $50 members $75 nonmembers Buy tickets for Book Arts: […]

Book Arts: The Basics

Learn all of the fundamentals of traditional book binding. In this one day HANDS-ON class held at the IPRC in Portland, you will create 3 books using the basics of bookbinding, including hard and soft covers, Japanese stab, and saddle stitch. You will also receive a manual with information on book anatomy, binding tutorials, and […]

Intro to Letterpress

Learn to set movable lead type and print on a table-top hand press in the IPRC print shop. You’ll learn the vocabulary of printing and typesetting while getting a feel for this beautiful and historical process. Leave the class with a printed card and the satisfaction that comes with using 100-year-old equipment! Successful completion of […]

IPRC Print Pull Party!

Come pull a print with some of Portland’s premier illustrators, designers and artists! We are SO lucky to have the likes of Lisa Congdon, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Jillian Barthold, Caitlin Harris, Draplin and XXX

Bindfast Five: The Perfect Bound Journal

Using the Bind-Fast 5, you can bind as many as 30 softcover books per hour. In this class we will be learning to bind with blank journals, exploring paper options and playing with design ideas. Completion of this workshop authorizes IPRC members to use the Bind-Fast during supervised binding hours, so you can take your […]

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