Screen Printing

The WeMake Screen Printing Studio welcomes both established visual artists and newcomers to the medium of silkscreen printing. Our studio is a lively place to practice and learn the fundamentals of screen-printing, while creating a space for idea sharing and skill building. We currently offer beginning, advanced and experimental workshops that focus on technique, skill building, and the diversity of the medium.

*Screen printing is also called silkscreen or serigraphy


  • Exposure Unit, banded florescent light bulbs, Max screen size is 35” x 26”, Max image area is 27” x 29”
  • Electric Power washer 1700 PSI/1.2 GPM
  • Wash out booth + Dark drying cabinet
  • 6 print boards
  • Squeegees, silkscreen inks, ink additives, emulsion, reclaiming chemicals
  • Large industrial paper rack shared with Letterpress


Members may print with the shop equipment only during Supervised Screen Printing Open Hours.

Studio Open Hours

Before members can use the shop, it is required to:

  • Be a current IPRC Studio Member
  • Complete the Intro to Screenprinting Class, OR:
  • Complete a Private Studio Orientation (for individuals with significant previous experience, contact to learn more). 

In order to keep our studio organized, we require that you:

  • Rent a screen for use at a maximum of 2 weeks
  • OR – bring in your own screens
  • Reclaim and return screens after rental period
  • Clean up after yourself and respect studio policies

Studio Manager: John Akira Harrold |


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