Risograph printing has become increasingly popular over the past several years because it can be a cost-effective way to print zines, booklets, and posters. Many find risograph (or riso) printing to be an exciting alternative to toner-based copiers because it uses actual liquid ink which gives the prints a unique and tactile finish. However, most are drawn to this medium because of the endless opportunities to experiment with overprinting, (mis)registration, and creative use of spot colors.

For more information on risograph printing, check out this article.

Currently, our risograph studio offers 3 GR3700 risograph printers and an assortment of color print drums. For information about our colors, click here.

IPRC Studio Members who have completed the Intro to Risograph class are welcome to use the IPRC riso studio during “riso open hours“.



$0.15/print (normal coverage)

$0.10/print (light coverage)


Studio Manager: John Akira Harrold | john@iprc.org

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