• Walker Cahall

    Instructor, Graphic Design/Websites

    Walker is a wily fox of a man who loves to draw, go on adventures, and make things. He went to the California Institute of the Arts and studied print making and animation. In 2007, he moved to Portland to follow a career in making awesome things. Since then he has worked as an art handler, production artist, painter, fabricator, printmaker, teacher, and superhero. He runs on burritos and high fives and loves to collaborate.

    Will Fries

    Instructor, Graphic Design/Websites

    Will Fries is a Facebook Strategy Expert and Managing Partner of The Business Dept., a Technical Agency that provides strategic & operational support to creatives & communities. Will specializes in social media optimization and managing online communities, email marketing campaigns, and multi-channel social media programs. He also a nationally recognized leader in online safety, bullying prevention and website maintenance.

    Will Fries

    Caitlin Harris

    Studio Manager, Letterpress/Poster Press

    Caitlin is letterpress printer, designer, and book artist who is passionate about the craft of printing. At the IPRC she serves as the Shop Steward and a letterpress instructor. She runs Wheelhouse Press from a tiny studio tucked into Forest Park. When she’s not busy setting type in her studio or teaching, she works as a production printer. She believes that letterpress printing has the power to communicate deeply. Sharing this experience with others is what motivates her teaching. In her work, she uses alternative typesetting techniques and illustration to create unique broadsides and artists’ books.

    Tony Marostica

    Instructor, Letterpress/Poster Press

    Originally from Boise, Idaho, Tony has been volunteering with the IPRC since 2011. In addition to teaching regular classes and keeping the letterpress shop orderly, Tony helped move the letterpress shop from the original downtown location, helped IPRC acquire massive donations of letterpress stuff, and helped print case-labels. He has helped the IPRC use their letterpress shop for many public and internal events, and now has his personal work, including posters and small art-prints, featured at the IPRC retail space. When he’s not printing, you can find him selling used dental equipment, playing guitar or skateboarding around Portland.

    Ben Charbonneau

    Instructor, Letterpress/Poster Press

    Benjamin Charbonneau is a transplant to Portland by way of Massachusetts. He focuses most of his energy on printing and book arts. In 2013, he received his bachelors degree in fine arts from Salem State University where he studied printmaking and creative writing. Currently he operates an offset lithography press at Scout Books as well as teaching and assisting in the Letterpress shop at the IPRC. In his free time he can be found exploring the greater Pacific Northwest. His adventures can be found on Instagram at @BenPrintsThings.

    Nate Orton

    Instructor, Letterpress/Poster Press

    Nate Orton is a visual artist and creator of the long-running My Day series, a chapbook which explores specific spaces of the Northwest in a single day. Most often accompanied by writers and collaborators Chris Ashby and/or James Yeary, the 3 hope to reach issue 100 by 2030. Nate also runs Abandoned Bike/Abandoned Orchard Press and shows his books, prints, drawings and paintings throughout the West. He is an adult printmaking and youth visual art instructor at the Multnomah Arts Center as well as a letterpress instructor here at the IPRC.

    Rubina Martini

    Instructor, Bindfast

    Hi, I’m Rubi. I have been a participant of the IPRC since 2009. Over the years I have been a Letterpress Supervisor and Bookbinding Steward/Instructor. I am currently in the Certificate Writing Program in both the Image + Text and Prose Fiction/Non-Fiction Track. You can usually find me binding or printing most days of the week at the IPRC.

    Katherine Spinella

    Studio Manager, Screenprinting

    Katherine Spinella makes visual displays out of prints, paintings, and cast sculptures. She received her MFA degree from the University of Oregon where she instructed undergraduate printmaking courses as a GTF and Adjunct Professor. She holds a BFA degree in Printmaking and Museum Studies, has attended the Women’s Studio Workshop and Kala Art Institute as a resident artist, and was published in the spring 2014 issue of Composite Arts Magazine. Katherine is an Instructor and the Steward of Screen-printing at the IPRC. See her projects at

    Jillian Barthold

    Instructor, Screenprinting

    Jillian Barthold is an illustrator and designer originally from nowhere. She studied art in Chicago where she went on to develop an affinity for screen printing and book binding among other forms of craft. Jillian’s work is heavily inspired by the Japanese world view or aesthetic of wabi-sabi, travel, and child-like wonder – often with a splash of morbidity. She creates and makes many things under the moniker Monster Songs. Her other enjoyments include, but are not limited to, staring at the moon, sitting in the ocean, and playing fetch with her cats.

    Leyton Parker

    Instructor, Book Arts

    Hello, I’m Leyton, a children’s book illustrator and adventurer of sorts. I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca. I make my living drawing, but I try to spend most of my time outside climbing things and walking around in circles (remember when I said I’m an adventurer of sorts?). Also I’m in love with science, I guess you could say there’s a lot of chemistry between us. See what I’m always up to:

    Mary Higgins

    Instructor, Zines 101

    Mary E. Higgins is an artist, zinester, and writer living in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BA from Bennington College in Literature and Philosophy, and is an MFA Creative Writing candidate at Portland State University. She is also the zine librarian at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Her series of zines titled Girls can be found at Powell’s Books and Reading Frenzy in Portland, Oregon.

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