Carrie Clore

    Carrie Clore works in development and communications at Crag Law Center, an environmental nonprofit. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts Studio Practices and minor in writing from Portland State University. Carrie has over seven years’ bookstore experience as a community relations manager promoting literacy, arts and education through community outreach and in-store events.

    She is a self-described word junkie, mark maker, storyteller, painter, poet, and printmaker. When she is not pursuing artistic endeavors, you can find her meandering the mossy trails of the Pacific Northwest in search of waterfalls, happy trees, and encounters with chipmunks. Ask her about her favorite hikes. She can occasionally be found at the rock gym where she hopes to grow her gravity-defying skills.

    Eve Connell

    In a previous life, Eve received practical degrees in French literature, philosophy, and linguistics, taught undergrads/grads, launched an art gallery, and honed floral design skills. She now spends billable hours writing, editing, and training professionals in communication skills, primarily business writing, public speaking, and leadership development. She’s the managing editor of University of Hell Press and visiting professor for various MA/MFA/MBA programs in Oregon and California. Eve is also a chanteuse (Bergerette; CHOIR), patron of the arts, and fierce ping-pong competitor. Her various creative works have been published, recorded, televised, and occasionally copied. For more, visit

    Niko Courtelis

    Niko is a creative director and partner of PLAZM. He teaches graphic design at Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Niko collects postage stamps, typewriters and vintage perforating machines, and makes mail art. He is co-founder of the Portland Correspondence Co-op, has a daughter and a three-legged turtle.

    Melissa Favara

    Melissa Favara writes creative nonfiction, teaches English, collects typewriters, curates the 1,000 Words reading series, and seeks every opportunity to promote reading, writing, and the printed word.

    Lacey Legel

    Lacey Legel has over 15 years of corporate accounting and administration experience and is on the verge of completing her MLIS & beginning her lifelong dream of becoming a librarian. She has been an involved supporter of Portland’s art and music scene for 18 years and is an avid videographer, photographer, medievalist, toy collector, cake baker and gardener.

    Brian Parker

    Brian W. Parker grew up in Alaska, then Mississippi, and has always been in love with storytelling in every medium. Literature, movies, art, you name it! He earned a BFA in graphic design and illustration, as well as an MA in writing and publishing, and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for almost 15 years in music publishing, corporate marketing, and sports/entertainment. Now he spends his days working on youth publishing (so cool, right?) and teaching about the creative process. He’s always trying to learn and grow in his craft, and finds he is happiest when striving to bring the works of his imagination to life, as well as sharing that experience with others. Crow in the Hollow is his first novel-length work, and he has illustrated a number of children’s picture books for clients and through his company, Believe In Wonder, along with his graphic novel series, YOU CAN RELY ON PLATYPI. The Wonderous Science is his newest work of youth fiction.

    Ashley Sloan

    Andrew Stern

    Andrew Stern is an innovator in the design and engineering of personality-rich virtual characters, interactive stories, and social games. He is co-founder of, a new studio developing interactive dramas. Previously, Andrew co-founded Procedural Arts, developer of Façade, described as “the future of video games” by The New York Times and the subject of a feature-length article in The Atlantic Monthly. Andrew also previously founded the studio Stumptown Game Machine, developer of Touch Pets Dogs, a #1 free app in the App Store in 2009. Andrew was co-writer of the group blog from 2003-2008 about interactive narrative, games, poetry and art.

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