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About Hours: If there is no one around by 8pm on weeknights, the volunteer staff is free to leave, so be sure to arrive by 8pm. There should be no problem getting in, as the front door is equipped with a buzzer system for post-business hours.

1001 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

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Zine Machine

You may have noticed the big ol' metal box facing the sidewalk outside of the IPRC - it's the Zine Machine!

Justin Hocking, the Independent Publishing Resource Center's Executive Director, picked up this old machine at a local hardware store five years ago! It had a few hiccups, but, with the help of a friend, Justin has gotten this thing running smoothly and it's just been sitting in his garage waiting for the IPRC to have enough space to house it! And, not only do we have enough space in the new IPRC location, we also have a wide open sidewalk with a surprising amount of foot traffic. We plan to wheel this awesome machine out to the sidewalk while we're open (weather permitting) so that IPRC visitors and neighborhood pedestrians alike can plug in their quarters and pick up a fresh mini zine for just one dollar!

So now, we just need some great mini zines to stock this ol'machine! We are now accepting submissions to the Zine Machine! The machine has eleven slots for eleven different zines at any given time and we plan to rotate the selection. Here is what you need to do:

1) Write something! Send your submissions to zinemachine@iprc.org.

2) Once your submission has been approved, format it into a micro zine. There are templates, but feel free to use your imagination! As long as it will fit comfortably in cigarette box, it will work (see the box template).

3) Design a box for your zine, and a display tab for the machine. There are also four spaces to feature four boxes, so part of submitting your mini zine can also be making an eye-catching design for the outside of the box. Creating boxes is fun, but also a lot of work. If you would like to use a recycled box, we have a large supply of generic boxes that will house your zine nicely.

4) Make copies. If your submitted zine makes it in, you can print 50 copies of your zine and box for free! 25 to be stocked into the machine and 25 for you to give to your friends, sell at Portland Zine Symposium, or whatever!

5) Assmeble all zines and boxes, put the zines inside the boxes, and leave them with the staff person at the IPRC. It is your responsibility to complete all construction, and IPRC staff and voluteers will not do this for you.

6) Once step 5 has been complete, email zinemachine@iprc.org and your zines will be put in to the machine!

You can start on this handy-dandy template for the IPRC's Zine Machine boxes! Click on the image to see the full size.

But that's not all the help we're giving you! We have other templates for styles of zines might fit into a box like this, with more to come

One-sixteenth size, no cutting or binding: Inspired by Blue, this template will fit a nice story with amazing simplicity!

One-sixteenth size, no cutting or binding: Same as above, in LibreOffice format.

One-sixteenth size: This is Blue's original template, complete with instructions!

Box Template: This is Blue's original template for a carton container.

Box Template: This is the box template in PowerPoint, ready for electronic layout!

Box Template: This is the same box template in LibreOffice.

If you have any questions about creating and submitting, please email Paul at zinemachine@iprc.org

Submissions can be emailed to Paul at zinemachine@iprc.org. If you decide to create your own template for a zine that fits inside a Zine Machine box, share it with us and we'll post it!

There is no deadline for your mini zine submissions, as the Zine Machine will be an ongoing project with a rotating stock. We recommend submitting ASAP! In addition to your zine going into your box, a little zine about the IPRC will be in there too, so that others may learn of the wonders of the IPRC.

If you come across any other old cigarette vending machines or any other old vending machines for cheap or free, the IPRC would love to have them! We could repurpose all kinds of machines, from old candy vending machines to tampon vending machines! We're hoping to approach local businesses to host more Zine Machines all around Portland.