Welcome to the IPRC in Portland, OR

Mon - Fri:  12noon – 9pm
Saturday:  12noon – 6pm
Sunday:  12noon – 9pm

About Hours: If there is no one around by 8pm on weeknights, the volunteer staff is free to leave, so be sure to arrive by 8pm. There should be no problem getting in, as the front door is equipped with a buzzer system for post-business hours.

1001 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

(503) 827-0249  |  info@iprc.org

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Information Desk

The IPRC offers access to workspace and tools to aid production and distribution of zines, comics, hand-bound books and artwork. It is one of the only self-publishing centers of its kind.

This includes computer workstations for writing, scanning, graphic design & desktop publishing, and high-speed Internet access for research and networking purposes. Two copiers, five table-top letterpresses, a Bind-Fast 5 Perfect-Binding Machine and various other tools for creating, binding, and assembling publications. We also have two art galleries and one of the nation's largest circulating zine libraries.

The IPRC is a publishing resource center, NOT a publishing house.

We can supply you with everything you need to publish a book; over our 16-year existence a small infinity of local and national presses have utilized the IPRC’s services. But the IPRC cannot publish or distribute your book for you—we CAN, however, provide you with all the tools and equipment needed to publish a fine quality book yourself, one you can then distribute how you see fit. And give us a call if you have questions about that 503-827-0249!

Binding Machine

Letterpress Print Shop

You may call ahead to sign up for a press. To use the presses you must purchase a $30 10-use punch card, or pay $3 each time you ink a press. The Letterpress print shop is always looking for volunteers to help out, and volunteers may use the letterpress room for free.

Screen Print Shop

If you have any questions, please email screenprint@iprc.org.
Current screen print open hours:

  • Tuesday 5:00-8:00pm
  • Wednesday 3:30-6:30pm
  • Thursday 3:00-6:00pm
  • Friday 1:00-4:00pm
  • Sunday 5:00-8:00pm

Learn more about the screen print shop here.

Copy Pricing & Policy