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Upcoming Calendar

Graphic Design Camp

Jan ’15
6:00 pm
Jan ’15
6:00 pm
Jan ’15
6:00 pm
Jan ’15
6:00 pm
Jan ’15
6:00 pm

Plunge in to the world of layout and design with this value packed series of classes featuring Mac CS6 power! We are offering Beginning InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Advanced InDesign e-books and Websites 101.

Each class will be held on evenings in January
Day One,
Illustrator: Learn the basics of making a face for your projects! Illustrator is the best program to design covers for your books or records, posters and flyers for your event or project, the basic look of your web-page, or packaging for the things you make. Come to class to with a project in mind and learn how to utilize this program to help you make the most of your ideas.

Day Two,
Photoshop: Learn to touch up your photos or create an entirely new universe using Photoshop! Topics include: importing, moving, and reshaping images; overview of toolbar and functions; layers; vector masks; image effects; intro to ImageReady (Photoshops web design software.)

Day Three,
Beginning InDesign: Put down the glue sticks and scissors and learn to use Adobe InDesign, a powerful page layout and print design program that allows you to create and deliver printed documents or multi-page books that are both attractive and effective. This one-session workshop will get you rolling with InDesign. Improve your workflow with time- and sanity-saving techniques like multiple master pages, nested character and paragraph styles, advanced typesetting skills, pre-press, and more.
Adv. InDesign and eBooks

Day Four,
Websites 101: Learn how to build and promote an attractive portfolio website using free and inexpensive services that already exist on the web. This class will cover basic concepts such as html, CSS, blogging and e-commerce, plus provide tips on how to get people interested in visiting your new web home.

Day Five,
Final Overview: In this special class we’ll overview the interconnections between Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and designing for the Web. This wide-ranging and free-wheeling session will help you connect these powerful design tools together to truly level up your creative game. Come prepared with questions about anything and everything we’ve covered so far!


All classes are from 6-8 PM in the upstairs classroom.

$125 members $175 nonmembers

Register here:

le Cagibi Screenprinting Collective Workshop and Film screening

Jan ’15
6:00 pm



On January 7th the IPRC will welcome French artist/publisher Antoine Duthoit of le Cagibi in Lille, Francefor a screenprinting workshop followed by a short talk and screening of a documentary made about the French collective. 6-9pm

$10 at the door

Two Plum Press Book Release Party featuring Michelle Overby

Jan ’15
7:00 pm

Reading and reception for the latest Two Plum release: I Stayed Up Listening

Michelle Overby was born and raised in eastern Washington state. She moved to Portland, Oregon 13 years ago and studied Linguistics and Creative Writing at Portland State University. She has worked in many a bar and restaurant and is a wife and mother to two girls. Michelle keeps a daily poetry blog, The Rose and The Apple. I Stayed Up Listening is her debut book, a collection of poems written from February 2011-November 2014.

Light refreshments will be available.

7pm, all are welcome

Print Camp!

Jan ’15
11:00 am
Jan ’15
11:00 am

Welcome to Print Camp! This is a weekend long intensive covering the beautiful print and binding methods we have here at the IPRC.

Day One: Letterpress

Day Two: Posterpress and Screenprinting

Class Descriptions:

Intro to Letterpress
Learn to set movable lead type and print on a table-top hand press in the IPRC print shop. You’ll learn the vocabulary of printing and typesetting while getting a feel for this beautiful and historical process. Leave the class with a printed card and the satisfaction that comes with using 100-year-old equipment! Successful completion of this one-day class allows IPRC members access to open studio print hours so you can keep on printing!


Expand your letterpress printing knowledge: the poster press allows you to print on larger format sheets of paper using uniquely designed components. Make broadsides and event posters and learn the fundamentals of this special, fast lock-up flat-bed press. We will get acquainted with IPRC’s printshop and make a group project to commemorate the day. After completion of this class, you will be able to use the poster press during open printshop hours

Beginning Screenprint:
In this class students will get to print a one-color design on paper they bring to class. Students must bring two copies on a transparency of their image. The image must be black and white only; no gray tone (half tone dots or cross hatching lines are fine but no washes) and sized as they would like it to print. If there is text, the image should be right-reading or positive-to-positive. We will discuss screens, coat screens, expose the transparencies on screens, wash them out, and print! Students will take home their prints. After taking the IPRC screen-print class, students will also have access to the IPRC screen-print studio during open studio hours.

$100  members, $150 nonmembers

Register here:

Registration Policy Workshop Registration Info

+You may register for a workshop online at iprc.org, or in person at the IPRC.
+You may cancel your reservation within 7 days of a workshop for a full credit.
+If a workshop is canceled because of lack of enrollment, you’ll receive a 100% refund.
+Members receive first listed price in course descriptions.
+Youth (8-18) receive member-price for any non-youth workshops. Please contact with questions regarding age appropriateness.


Classes are from 11 AM-6 PM in the downstairs classroom.

Weird Allan Kaprow presents: Public Apology (Karaoke)

Jan ’15
7:00 pm



Putting the Public back in Public Apology, a participatory, performative event, participants to enact their own renditions of famous public apologies

kind of like karaoke

attendees get a chance to take the podium and read their favorite public apology.

Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, Donald Sterling, Justin Beiber, Alec Baldwin, you pick!

lights, cameras, a stage set for the performances


a publication of compiled public apologies.

Participants take home a free publication.


Free and open to the public, 7-9pm.


Your Story: Pen to Print

Jan ’15
4:30 pm

Give your life stories literary structure by applying the craft elements of character, plot, setting and pacing. Learn DIY publishing skills: binding, layout and design. You’ll leave class with a ten-copy print run of your own chapbook.

This is a collaboration with PCC Community Ed. Register HERE


Sunday evenings, 4:30-6:15,

25-Jan-2015 thru 15-Mar-2015



Perfect Day Publishing invites you to Get It While You Can

Jan ’15
7:00 pm
On Wednesday, January 28th, please join Nick Jaina for a night of words at the IPRC as the acclaimed singer/songwriter celebrates the release of his debut memoir.
In the words of former IPRC director Justin Hocking: “With a pitch-perfect ear for lyricism and rhythm, Nick Jaina interlaces personal narrative, music criticism, and intimate correspondences into one of those rare books that breaks new literary ground while also making you feel deeply. Jaina lays himself bare, sentence after sentence, yet never dominates the stage. He’s content to mastermind the show from the background, letting exquisite riffs about Nina Simone, Ray Charles, and Paul Simon stand in as emotional correlates for his own heartbreak and music industry tribulations. Get It While You Can is a brilliant and compassionate work by a serious new literary talent.”
WHEN: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 @ 7pm

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