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About Hours: If there is no one around by 8pm on weeknights, the volunteer staff is free to leave, so be sure to arrive by 8pm. There should be no problem getting in, as the front door is equipped with a buzzer system for post-business hours.

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Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

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Zine Review: Radical Mycology

We have much to learn from mushrooms, says the just-released zine, Radical Mycology.  Authored by the self-identified Spore Liberation Front, the primer states in its “call to sporulate:”
The complex life of mushrooms provides profound and novel examples of networking between different species and environs not exhibited by most other life forms.  …

All Things Ordinary

Made at the IPRC by Derek Neuland
Derek says:
“This is a personal zine about the last month i spent in Buffalo, NY (where i have lived all 27 years of my life) before i moved to Portland, OR (where i’ve been living since April 2009). It mostly consists of reflections on my time in Buffalo, thoughts …

Pacific Northwest Scooter Zine

Check out the current issue of Bumpstart, made by IPRC Member Karen Giezyng!  You can get your very own copy HERE.

The "office" is now a "cabin"

Since the IPRC has colonized the new room across the hall, Justin and A.M. get to have a spacious office of their very own. It’s better for their sanity and their paperwork but more importantly, it means we got to redecorate!
Thanks to some artfully repurposed wooden boards, a creative little nook and the beloved …

AAAA! Our Printer Turned into a Yeti!

Behold! The horror!
So fuzzy! So friendly!
I guess this means we have to think of a new name for it. What’s a good name for a Yeti who loves the taste of toner and text?
Here is the Yeti-fication in action:

My dad is the coolest ever!

Here is a lovely little one-sheet zine made by Lauren Hamilton…

Bindfast in Effect!

Check out these awesome homemade To-Do Lists by B.T. Livermore.  He made them on the Bindfast 5!  You can learn to make your own custom paper pads by taking the BindFast class.  The next class is on February 24th, 2010.    You can sign up for it HERE.

Zine Review: Peterson's Incident Report Book

A few nights ago I was rifling through the “Work” section of the zine library and came across a little book I have always wished existed. It’s too good to be true: the compiled incident report log from Peterson’s convenience store.
I know Peterson’s as the crowded little store you stop in to buy chocolate milk …

Welcome to MADE AT THE IPRC!

This is a space for IPRC members to let everybody peek through this keyhole at what they’ve been working on.  It’s a place for us to get a chance to see some of the work that other members are making, as well as a place to share our own projects.  It is also a showcase …

Alex Wrekk and Brainscan

Tonight Alex Wrekk released issues 24 and 25 of her epic zine Brainscan.
There was a lovely crowd in attendance and an open mic followed the event.

more photos at our flickr page

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