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Mon - Fri:  12noon – 9pm
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About Hours: If there is no one around by 8pm on weeknights, the volunteer staff is free to leave, so be sure to arrive by 8pm. There should be no problem getting in, as the front door is equipped with a buzzer system for post-business hours.

1001 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

(503) 827-0249  |  info@iprc.org

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“A small, good thing” in the wake of violence


Dear IPRC Members and Friends,
It’s with no small amount of reservation that I compose this post.
I’m a writer and the director of an arts nonprofit–so what authority do I have to comment on the recent shootings in Clackamas and Connecticut?
In truth, I have as little grasp on these issues as anyone else.
What I do have, …

Finding Herself Here:
An Interview with Lindsey Kugler


Lindsey Kugler was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves gel manicures, doodling, and does not own a bicycle. Here is a memoir of intimate vignettes and pictures about a year of professional and personal service. Lindsey wrote and produced Here as a student in the IPRC’s Certificate …

Yeti Coloring Contest Video


The coloring contest! It wasn’t really a contest…but it made a great little animation. Thanks to Nicole J.

Photos from IPRC’s Grand Opening Bash


Huge thanks to the 300+ revelers who christened the Center’s amazing new digs:

The Rabbit Foot String Band warms it up, old-timey style.

KGW was on hand to cover the event in a live broadcast, although they seemed a little perplexed by all the “zines.”  Fortunately, Program Coordinator A.M. O’Malley knows how to deal with the press.

Lisa …

Q&A with Lisa Mangum

Lisa Mangum_sm

Lisa Mangum is co-editor of the anthology GAZETA: Comics from Bangkok to Belgrade; a scholar and historian of East European comics; and a contributing author of Stripovi: Contemporary Comics in Croatia in Serbia She studied animation at Evergreen and CalArts and did her graduate research on independent comics in Serbia. She currently runs a …

Photos of the IPRC’s Amazing New Space


Word is spreading about the dynamic & spacious new IPRC headquarters.  Last night we had our largest, most productive crowd yet:

Poetry Certificate Program students Loren and Sarah Bask in the glow of the IPRC’s creative fire, with tech support from Michael D’Alessandro.  Comics Program student/volunteer Fiona makes copies in the background.

Comics Program students Asher and …

IPRC Zine Machine – Submissions Call and Layout Guides!


Well, I breifly mentioned this project in my post about The new, bigger IPRC, but here are finally the full details!

Introducing the IPRC‘s wonderful, new Zine Machine! 
Justin Hocking, the Independent Publishing Resource Center‘s Executive Director, picked up this old machine at a local hardware store five years ago… It had a few hiccups, but, with the help of …

Greetings from the new IPRC!

IPRC Photo Stand-In

It’s my second shift volunteering at the new IPRC. For the past few weeks, I’ve watched the space evolve because certificate program classes were continuing prior to the space opening to the public. Now that the space is open and in action, people are trickling in for the first time and trying to find their …

New IPRC Now Open!

IPRC's new and improved Letterpress Studio, featuring 60 new trays of type

After a solid month of moving and buildout, the new IPRC is now open for business!
We’re located at 1001 SE Division, between 10th and 11th avenue, just across Division from the Ford Building.
The Center is still in a soft-opening opening phase, so please be patient as we work out some kinks and finalize a few …

The Crossing: The IPRC begins its move!


Dear IPRC Members and Friends,
There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to make a crossing.
After thirteen years in our current location, the IPRC’s time has arrived.
We’ve long outgrown our current space, especially given the major increases in membership and programming over the past few years. In last year’s public poll, 70% of …

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