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Anti-Imperialist Art Show and Reading with PCASC

Sep ’14
7:00 pm



THe IPRC is excited to collaborate with the Portland Central American Solidarity Committee for their art opening and reading–Enemigo: Imperialismo (Enemy: Imperialism) This is a bilingual community art exhibit that explores the dimensions of imperialism in the world today. We invite artists and community to envision a world free of imperialism, “where people have the right to stay, freedom to move, and right to return, where liberated communities have control over their own lands, lives, and labor and where each of us is able to self-determine and express our dreams and desires” (Harsha Walia).

Imperialism takes shape in different ways and in different places, from the continued occupation of Palestine to the demonization of child migrants from Central America. U.S. imperialism continues to undermine the sovereignty of nations, and the rights of migrants, communities of color, indigenous communities, and peoples in the third world.

The inspiration for this show comes from a Chilean artist whose work is a response to the long history of US intervention in her country, where in 1973, the U.S. government funded a military coup that led to decades of disappearances, mass killings, and violent repression.

Artists around the world have responded to this violence with work that questions the legitimacy of the state and empire. Enemigo: Imperialismo points to one of our common targets in the fight for global justice and invites us to reflect on power, resistance, and self-determination.

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Upcoming Calendar

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