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Bind Fast Five Strike Force Attacks!

You may have heard that the IPRC recently acquired an amazing piece of technology. It will revolutionize you, me, books, zines and everything in between. It is called the Bind Fast Five. It makes real books. Books for you, by you. Not to rag on the side-stapeled photocopied zines, but these new Bind Fast Five books are “perfect press” bound, which means the pages are permanently glued into the cover. You can now print and bind your very own very professional very real books right here in the overheated confines of the IPRC.

Justin just about went crazy today when he put together the first practice books. It wasn’t just the thick glue fumes going to his head. Check it out:

The compact machine runs your stack of pages over hot glue and presses them into your cover

The compact machine runs your stack of pages over hot glue and presses them into your cover

ta da! look! a book!

ta da! look! a book!

It’s funny and wonderful that today is the day we figured out how to make books for the very first time because all the hot jibber jabber in nerd world this morning was that advancing technology (specifically Amazon’s e-book reader the Kindle) is killing print and paper books page by page. Maybe instead of a library we should start referring to ourselves as a paper museum? Someday children will flock to the Bind Fast Five to touch real paper blogs and smell glue between pages.

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  1. Awesome! It makes me so happy to see the Bindfast in action.

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