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1001 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

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Photos from IPRC’s Grand Opening Bash


Huge thanks to the 300+ revelers who christened the Center’s amazing new digs:

The Rabbit Foot String Band warms it up, old-timey style.


KGW was on hand to cover the event in a live broadcast, although they seemed a little perplexed by all the “zines.”  Fortunately, Program Coordinator A.M. O’Malley knows how to deal with the press.


Lisa Marshall, Vice Chairperson of the IPRC Board, and Brad Hamlin, IPRC Certificate Program graduate.  Thanks to both for major event planning & help.


IPRC Resource Council member Lori D.


IPRC Volunteers Christina “Blue” Crow of Stumptown Underground (a local and open zine anthology, publishing bimonthly) and Portland Zine Symposium (the largest and longest running zine fest!), Jon Washington of Jon Reads the Paper (a local comedy podcast), and Michael Heald of Perfect Day Publishing.  (Note: Blue and Jon were on their way to a toga party.)


IPRC Resource Council member Eva Soto and her husband Dan enjoying baked treats from Bakeshop. This summer Eva’s teaching a Spanish-language creative writing workshop @ the IPRC.


IPRC Co-Founder Rebecca Gilbert and Michael Heald.  So many thanks to Rebecca and Chloe Eudaly (of Reading Frenzy) for launching the IPRC way back in 1998.


IPRC Board Members Dawn Andreas-Broedel and MaryKay West.  MaryKay is also a commercial real estate agent–she’s the one who first located our new space and negotiated a great deal on the lease.  And Dawn is due any day now . . .


A view to the Member lounge/loft.  Cary Clarke, Arts and Culture Director for the Mayor’s office, is up there on the right, snapping a photo.


Longtime IPRC supporter & Letterpress maestro Ivan Snyder.  Thanks for coming, Ivan!


Local literati: Jessie, Kjerstin and IPRC e-book instructor Natalie Guidry.


IPRC Board Chairperson Pollyanne Birge and MaryKay West.  Big thanks to Polly for organizing the raffle & leading the Board.  Photo credit goes to Board Treasurer Megan Kahrs, who helped secure a Mult Co property tax exemption, making it possible for the IPRC to move into such a huge space.


Longtime IPRC member Lance Linder and his lovely wife.  Major thanks to Lance for donating hundreds of dollars worth of lumber for the new space.


Guest reader Trinie Dalton and longtime member Amanda Huckins.


The place was packed, inside and out.


Arthur! (note: background artwork placement was entirely accidental.  We do love Arthur’s face, but we don’t think it’s stupid.)


Resident IPRC art curator/mural-painter/perfect bind instructor B.T. Livermore takes it easy up on the roof deck.  Thanks for prettying-up the IRPC, B.T.!


More people than ever inside the Center.


Gabriel Liston looking pumped about all that extra work space.


IPRC Comics Program advisor Julie Gfrorer and Community Resource Coordinator Michael D’Alessandro.


Michael and soon-to-graduate IPRC Certificate Program student Lindsey Kugler.  Look for Lindsey’s self-published memoir, Here, in bookstores this summer.


Missy, an IPRC Certificate Program student who’s publishing a book by her grandmother, For Whatever Reason, via the Center this spring/summer.


Host Moe Bowstern and Director Justin Hocking sing a sea shanty for the IPRC.


IPRC Resource Council member Jon Raymond, longtime IPRC supporter Vanessa Renwick and a friend.  Major thanks to Jon Raymond for stepping up to read from his excellent new novel Rain Dragon (our previously scheduled reader, Cheryl Strayed, came down with strep).


IPRC Certificate Program guest lecturer Kevin Sampsell and his son Zack discover clues in the ever-elusive search for the Yeti.


IPRC Comics Program students Corin See, Josh, and Amy discuss the finer points of comics with instructor Nicole Georges. Big thanks to Amy for all the event-planning work!


IPRC volunteer Alleson embracing the new plant life right outside the Center.  Thanks to the City of Portland for planting trees just in time for our opening.


Uber-mensch Barry Sanders with Certificate Program guest lecturers Arthur Bradford and Jon Raymond.  No one was actually upset in this tableau.


Amanda, Grace Sanders, and Michael party it up on the roof deck.


Cartoonists by day, bartenders by night: Virginia and Fiona. Virginia and Fiona are both IPRC volunteers, Virginia Paine also helps run Sparkplug Books.


It’s not a party unless some random dude shows up to play the flute.


Spilling out into the street.


Our letterpress wall of Capital Campaign donors.  Thank you donors!


IPRC Board Member Mike Nichols, who always sets up the bar.  And that dude with the flute again!


Many thanks to everyone who showed up and celebrated the new Center, and to all the volunteers, Board members, staff and donors who helped IPRC make The Crossing.




5 Responses

  1. Looks like you all had a great time at the grand re-opening! Look at how many people fit now in the new space!

  2. Oh my god, creeper dude with the flute. Best ever! Congrats and thanks for the fun party, guys!

  3. Loved attending the event, and wish I could have stayed longer. The pictures are very nice. I hope they help me remember who is who at IPRC. Does anyone desire editing for their zines or other publications? Can you let people know I will do it for IPRC members for half price? Check out my website. Thanks.

  4. I’m still in NY and coming out with another book. I wish I were in Portland to make ARCs like last time. I really enjoyed seeing photos of the opening. The space looks great. Good luck, Mark

  5. “It’s not a party unless some random dude shows up to play the flute.”

    Oh, Portland. I miss you. ^_^

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