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April 2010: Nate Orton and James Yeary’s My Day Walking From Mt. Tabor To The Zoo


In 2004, the My Day Zine began as an outlet for Nate Orton to feel a better sense of connection to his new city-life in Portland, Oregon.  Nate draws and transcribes what he sees and hears while walking for an entire day through a particular space. These drawings are later arranged into printed book form …

Narrative Considerations in Comics with T. Edward Bak

In part one of the class there will be a focus on identification and assessment of narrative processes in various media. What goals do we have as narrative artists/storytellers? Students will find examples of media/panel configuration ideas for discussion.
Part Two) Presentation of materials and discussion of narrative techniques used in media represented. Students will exchange materials to begin designing/creating 1-2 page comic project based on aspect(s) of narrative in exchanged material.
Part Three) Presentation/critique of student projects.
Students are expected to discuss ideas and different types of art and media in culture and to possess applicable skills (writing, design, drawing) for the preparation of narrative drawings, which reflect comprehension of ideas.
The workshop includes exercises/practice/experimentation with media; student’s drawing tools/materials will be at their own discretion.

Register here:

Comics Reading and Discussion Group with John Isaacson

Have you been a fan of comics for years? Have you never really read comics? Do you enjoy reading and discussing art and literature? If so, this is the group for you! We will be splitting the hour-long group in to two parts: in the first half we will read and discuss short cartoons and comics, this first half is open for drop-in—no pre-reading necessary! In the second half, the group will discuss pre-assigned comics and discuss them. The group will meet regularly every other Sunday from 7-8:15, it is free and open to the public.

Readings on 2/21 include:
Potential by Ariel Schrag
Tough Love by Abby Denson
Fox Bunny Funny by Andy Hartzell

The Matter Zine Release

“And what is the use of a book,” said Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”
– Lewis Carroll

“And what is the use of any book if it can’t be read to you?”
– Us

The Matter is a literary anthology of short-form illustrated fiction, produced in Portland, Oregon, publishing collaborative comics and illustrated prose from creators the world over. We believe that the synthesis of words and pictures tells a richer story than either can alone, so we aim to couple emerging artists and writers together to create unique, engaging, and provocative tales. Each issue is a smorgasbord of collaborative fiction comics and illustrated prose, presenting stories with disparate motifs, genres, and styles.

To celebrate the long-awaited release of The Matter no. 2, we are proud to present a reading and dramatic enactment of select stories found therein. Prose is to be read aloud while the accompanying illustrations are projected overhead. Comics are to be projected panel-by-panel with the text removed, and the missing lines dramatically read aloud by a cast of players. Featuring stories by Jack Bracken, Gunther Goltz, Eli Lyon, Reid Psaltis, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, A.J. Ryer, Matt Strackbein, Yoni Wilson, and Frasier Ziffer.

So join us at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 6th at the Independent Publishing Resource Center for an evening of compelling fiction, presented for both your listening and viewing pleasure. Wine and refreshments to be provided free, while copies of The Matter nos. 1 & 2 will be available for purchase during the event at a discounted price. We hope you can attend what we hope to make a truly memorable event.

First Thursday Art Opening with Mia Nolting

Come to the IPRC for our First Thursday Art Opening with the amazing Mia Nolting.
Mia Nolting grew up in California and moved to Portland to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she earned her BFA in 2008. Recent projects include illustrations for The New York Times Magazine, an online tutorial for Americorps, and an animated trailer for Penguin Books. Some influences include: the human body, typography, romance, Saul Steinberg, Mike Mills, wildflowers, mornings, telepathy, handwriting, communication, small-press books, and young-adulthood.

March 2010: BT Livermore’s Baby Otto Zeplin #1


BT Livermore was born in Minnesota, and like all Minnesotans is covered head to toe with a downy layer of fur with which to keep warm during the winter. Almost five years ago, he decided to trade in six months of snow for six months of rain and is now living in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
He …

Letterpress Printer's Fair

Come check out the Letterpress Printer’s Fair at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy, Portland, OR) on Saturday, August 8.  Admission is $2 from 11-2 p.m. and free from 2-4 p.m.

For more information go to http://www.redbatpress.com/printersfair