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Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

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Be careful with those firecrackers!

Book Arts 101

Need some inspiration for your own personal book/zine projects? Or just looking for some general knowledge about the bookmaking process? If so, then this is the thing for you. In this workshop, we will learn about different book structures, bookbinding terminology, while viewing a selection of different book projects.

$30 members $45 non-members
materials included

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Digital Publishing (E-Books)

Ready to jump on the digital bandwagon? This workshop will lay the groundwork on the different e-book formats and which reading devices support them. While many online retailers offer free e-book conversion for text documents and PDFs, the resulting files can be clunky and poorly designed. You’ll learn how to produce your own e-book files using Microsoft Word and Calibre and get your work into retailers’ digital bookstores.

$30 members
$45 non-members

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Beginning InDesign

Join other creative enthusiasts and learn how to design, layout, and print your project from the computer. Adobe InDesign allows users to put together text, images, and other designs on the page quickly and efficiently.

$30 members/$45 nonmembers

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Comics Movie Night

An evening get together with comic book films presented by Floating World Comics and the IPRC Comics Program. Bring snacks and a shared interest in comic book related fun. Two films, one of them totally entertaining and the other totally edutaining

This event is free and open to the public.


Intro to Letterpress

Learn to set movable lead type and print on a table-top hand press in the IPRC print shop. You’ll learn the vocabulary of printing and typesetting while getting a feel for this beautiful and historical process. Leave the class with a printed card and the satisfaction that comes with using 100-year-old equipment! Successful completion of this one-day class allows IPRC members access to open studio print hours so you can keep on printing!

$65 members only

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Bind Fast 5!

The Bind-Fast 5 is the IPRC’s exciting new bookbinding machine. Using the Bind-Fast 5, you can bind as many as 50 softcover books or zines per hour. Completion of this workshop authorizes IPRC members to use the Bind-Fast during supervised binding hours, so you can take your publishing projects to the next level.

$45 members only

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Art Opening: Corinne Teed

Join us on July 1st to open the show of Print Maker Corinne Teed. Corinne Teed moved to Portland from Providence, RI, in 2008. Her art work is inspired by multiple bio-regions and infinite forms of intra-and-inter-species relationships. She mostly uses drawing, printmaking and painting in her studies of the magical, the emotional, the bestial, the just.
This event is free and open to the public.
917 SW Oak St
Ste 218
Portland, OR

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