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Staff and Board

Pollyanne Birge

Managing Director

Pollyanne Birge is the Managing Director for the IPRC, where she serves as the principal special event coordinator, development assistant, volunteer coordinator and office manager. Previous to IPRC, she worked for five years as the Arts and Culture Outreach and Policy Coordinator for Commissioner, then Mayor, Sam Adams. In that role she helped initiate the Creative Advocacy Network, RACC's Art Spark outreach program and the RACC Public Murals process and several other policy related initiatives. Another major component to her work was curating and managing monthly art shows and seasonal music concerts at City Hall. These events were unique and completely community driven, and acted as both a place to highlight the regional art community, as well as educate on matters of local government and public policy. An avid supporter of Oregon’s nonprofit creative community, she also serves on the board of Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Know Your City, and has formerly served for Stumptown Comics, Inc., and the PDX Bridge Festival.

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