Welcome to the IPRC in Portland, OR

Mon - Fri:  12noon – 9pm
Saturday:  12noon – 6pm
Sunday:  12noon – 9pm

About Hours: If there is no one around by 8pm on weeknights, the volunteer staff is free to leave, so be sure to arrive by 8pm. There should be no problem getting in, as the front door is equipped with a buzzer system for post-business hours.

1001 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

(503) 827-0249  |  info@iprc.org

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Can anyone become a member? How do I do join?

Yes, anyone can join the IPRC. All you need to do is come down to the IPRC and fill out a card, or click “join” on the iprc.org homepage to sign up online with a credit card. Membership is a sliding scale, $45-$100, and you can pay anywhere in that range (or more!) that you feel comfortable with. We ask new users to either go to an IPRC Orientation before joining, or shortly after joining, as it’s a good time to get the full run down on rules and procedures. Orientations are held each month on the second Thursday at 7 PM and the third Saturday at 3pm. Orientation is free and you don’t need to call ahead and register.

Will I see a Yeti while at the IPRC?

Quite possibly, especially when using the Yeti-meter.

Can I use the letterpresses?

You need to be trained in the usage of our letterpress equipment first. We generally have an introductory letterpress workshop every month, and this workshop is mandatory if you have never used a letterpress. Check the IPRC Calendar for the next one. Pre-registration is required. Be advised, this workshop fills extremely quickly, so register early or ask to put on the waitlist. The workshop is a six-hour session on a weekend, and costs $55 and is for members only.

After you take the workshop, you may print during open print hours. Our supervised open print hours are Sundays 2-8 PM, Mondays 5-8 PM and Thursdays 6-9 PM, and trained letterpress staff people will be on hand to help you out. After printing with supervision for a while we may grant you open access to the studio.

If you already are skilled in letterpress, you will need to get the okay of the Print Shop staff people before you use the equipment. Stop by during open print hours (see above) and talk to the print monitor on duty.

Can I use the Perfect Binding Machine to make books?

Yes! But first you have to join as a member and take the Bind Fast Five workshop. Once you’ve been trained, you can sign up for perfect binding hours on Sundays from 4-7 pm. We charge 25 cents per bind.

Can you publish my book for me?

No! The IPRC is here to help people self-publish their work, not to publish things for people. If you need help with specific things related to self-publishing, we would be glad to help. We also offer a variety of workshops; please see the IPRC Calendar for what is currently available.

Do you know publishers to whom I can submit my book?

Sorry, but no. Since the IPRC deals with self-publishing, we don’t keep track of publishers contacts. However, check out our resourceful links for some help!

What computer programs do you have?

The IPRC computer center is an all-Macintosh lab. We have five stations, all of which operate in Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) and run the following software: Adobe CS6 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat); Microsoft Office; as well as basic internet browsing applications. Some machines also run Macromedia Studio MX (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, and Freehand).

There are also USB ports for your own storage devices. There are four flatbed scanner–including a large format 11X17 scanner, and one large format black & white laser printer. All computers are connected to a file sever, so you can store in-progress projects at the IPRC. The computers all also networked to a copy machine, so you can make multiple, first generation copies from a digital file. There is also a wireless network, so if you bring in your own laptop, you can print or access your files on the server that way.

Do you have screenprinting?

We do offer Screenprinting workshops!

We also have a YuDu screenprinting machine, but we’re unhappy with its performance, and have ceased giving workshops on it.

Do I have to become a member to use the library?

Not at all. Everyone is free to come in and look at the library during open hours. And local residents are able to obtain an IPRC Library Card. This card allows you to take up to 10 items at a time for two weeks at a time. To apply, please bring in a valid photo ID with proof of address.

Why is your computer-lab printer covered with fur?

We created the the Yeti Research Station to investigate this very question. Our hunch is that a Yeti mated with our previous printer.

Can I bring food into the center?

Yes, as long as you: * Be careful about food and beverage consumption, especially around the computers. * Properly dispose of food * Clean any dishes or silverware that you use.

How much do photocopies cost?

For members, copies are 5¢ a side. If you are making double-sided copies, the cost is 10¢. For non-members, the costs are double (10¢ for single-sided copies, 20¢ for double). Costs are higher for legal size or 11X17″ copies. We stock our copiers with 100% recycled, fsg-approved paper from Gray’s Harbor, a Pacific Northwest-based company.

Why are you closed so much on the weekend?

We strive to keep the IPRC open as much as possible at hours that are convenient for our users. We survey our general user base regularly, and our current hours reflect need/interest as much as possible. Please keep in mind that the majority of our staff are volunteers, and it is sometimes hard to keep the center open as much as we like. Right now we are open seven days a week and have Sunday as our exclusive “teen only” during the day. However from 5 – 8 pm the center is open to everyone for After Hours. More staff volunteers will mean more hours open. And more staff requires more volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please stop in and fill out a volunteer application.

Can I store the projects I am working on at the IPRC?

Yes! We offer cubbyhole storage for people who are working on projects at the center. Please ask a staff person for the availability of a cubbyhole.

Can I get help making my zine at the IPRC?

Yes, because that’s what we are all about! Feel free to ask our staff for help! If you are going to require either extensive or more specialized help, sign up for a workshop. We also offer workshops on specific zine-related areas, such as Editing, Design, Printing, and Computer Programs. Check our IPRC Calendar for our current workshop offerings.

Can I bring my kids to the IPRC?

Yes! We love kids. And we love parent-child zine publishing combos even more. All ages are welcome at the IPRC; youth under 15 must be accompanied by an adult during general open hours, but are free to come to the Zine Canteen anytime (every Sunday from 12-5).

Do I need to reserve a time to use computers or other equipment?

You don’t need to reserve time to use equipment at the IPRC, but it doesn’t hurt. Computers can be signed up for in advance, for two-hour blocks. If you know you need to use a particular machine, let the staff person know when you are signing up for computer time.